Digital Ceramic Decoration Color

Digital Ceramic Decoration Inkjet Filter for Ceramic Printing System


Cobetter supply three series filters for digital Ceramic Decoration applications. Cobetter Filtration brings digital Ceramic printing solutions to customers.

Main filter : High flow rate for main ink system, high efficiency to keep the system clean.

Prehead filter: No fiber releasing , protect print head.

Gas filter: High efficiency, ensure dust particle removal


System Main Filter

Prehead Filter

Gas Filter


Digital Ceramic Ink Filtration for Ceramic Colors


Cobetter supply depth filter cartridges for ceramic Ink: PFSA2 series, PRF series,RMF-PF series.

Ceramic inkjet inks comprising ceramic inorganic pigments having average particle size between 0.1 and 0.8 μm, an organic medium and a dispersant.

the dispersant being the reaction product of a polyethyleneimine with a homo- or co-polyester based on lactic acid, and method for decorating green or fired ceramic bodies by the use of the above ceramic inkjet inks.


Ceramic Ink Features

  • High solid content
  • Solvent-based ink
  • High pore size 1-2um
  • Ink is easy to be floccule and sedimentary


PFSA2 Series

PRF Series

RMF-PF Series


Pls consult [email protected] for more details about this application and filters.


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