Microporous PTFE Tubing


Cobetter Microporous PTFE/Teflon tubes combine all of the advantage of PTFE membrane, with additional new characteristics, suit for more applications.


Different to the traditional PTFE tubes, Cobetter microporous PTFE tube is manufacturered through a special Expanding and Elasticity process. Creating a Soft & Flexible tube, with well-distributed pores (0,2 micron - 100 micron) and air permeable capability.


Outstanding Features


  • 1、Microporous (0,2 micron - 100 micron)
  • 2、Air Permeable
  • 3、Soft / Flexible
  • 4、Chemically Resistant / Biocompatible / Material Safe
  • 5、Wide Range of Sizes / Diameters (O.D. Min 0,8mm)
  • 6、Temperature Resistant (-80 - +250°C )


Cobetter microporous PTFE tube is more similar to a tubulate membrane, used in fluid and gas handling applications, such as filtration and aeration.


Typical Applications


  • 1、Transducer/detector Insulators
  • 2、Drug Dispersion
  • 3、Gas Dissolution & Dispersion
  • 4、Liquids/Gas Separation
  • 5、Breather Vents
  • 6、Tissue Sampling
  • 7、Metals Reclaim
  • 8、Gas Injection
  • 9、Oxygen Sensor



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