DH-K4 Capsule Filter
DH-K4 Capsule Filter (DH-K4) It is a disposable capsule filter, you can choose different membrane medium and pore sizes inside for different applications. All our capsules are free of adhesives to ensure product purity.


Materials of Construction
Filter Medium
Nominal Length: 7.6in(193mm) )
Diameter: Φ3.0in(Φ76.8mm)
Inlet&Outlet:1 inch Sanitary Flange
Vent&Drain: 5mm Hose Barb


■ Applications


  • • Aqueous solutions
  • • Biologicals
  • • Buffers
  • • Cleaning/rinsing solutions
  • • Enzymes
  • • High-quality water
  • • Particle counting solutions
  • • Pharmaceutical solutions
  • • Reagent preparation
  • • Salt solutions
  • • Tissue culture media
  • • Virus suspensions


Please consult [email protected] for further details on this product.


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