Cobetter Process and Product Validation Center

Cobetter Filtration Group along with its Japanese Validation Partners has created the first Chinese Validation Center with focus on providing microfiltration solutions.


Based on available services, we have divided the Validation Center into 6 laboratories.

1.       SEM & EDS Analytic Lab

2.       Chemical Analysis Lab

3.       Bacterial Challenge Test Lab

4.       Filter Performance Test Lab

5.       ICP-MS Lab

6.       Material Analysis & Particle Efficiency Test Lab

In addition, we provide validation services including but not limited to bacterial challenge test, extractable/leachable, adsorption/chemical compatibility, product pre-wet integrity test and adsorption test, membrane structure analysis, particle/bacterial contamination analysis, and gas/liquid flow rate.

Please contact [email protected] for your validation needs.

Cobetter Filtration – Cooperation Makes a Better Future!

With a team composed of Japanese validation experts, we have the technical know-how regarding application requirements.  Our Validation Center complies with GMP standards including ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 .



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